Cannabis Goes Hollywood

By July 19, 2016News

Colorado Grow Company Gives You the Hot Dish on All That Glitters with Celebrities and Marijuana


The real reasons cannabis goes Hollywood. Seems like overnight, the legal weed industry has bloomed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Snoop Dogg isn’t the only Hollywood star cashing in on cannabis. Many celebrities are getting in on the green. Here is a quickie on what several celebs are up to in the marijuana industry.

Snoop Dogg – This OG has developed line of products with his own strain called Snoop Dogg OG and indica dominant blend. His signature line is called Leafs by Snoop. This chic line sells recreational and medicinal pot, and dark chocolate edibles, at dispensaries throughout Colorado and California.

Sir Richard Branson – In 2015, the Virgin mogul and British billionaire invested in Sidecar. This company is the pothead Uber. The San Francisco based company is marijuana dispensary delivery promised to your doorstep in an hour or under.

Cliff Robinson – This NBA star who was suspended twice for marijuana use while playing basketball has started marketing Uncle Spliffy, a recreational cannabis line that will be marketed as sports ganja for use by athletes.

Cannabis Goes Hollywood Durango COWoody Harrelson – He has been a proponent for marijuana for some time. Over the last year, he was one of 66 applications to try to get licensing in Hawaii for Medical marijuana but he was not selected. Under the law passed in 2015, the state could grant eight licenses.

Roseann Barr – The comedian and actress has opened a weed dispensary called Roseanne’s Joint in Santa Ana, CA. This new venture sells edibles including chocolate weed munchies crafted with macadamia nuts from Oprah’s favorite Hawaiian nut supplier and will feature her personal strain of weed, also called Roseanne’s Joint.

Bob Marley – Even though he has been dead for three decades, the family of this legend has launched Marley Natural. This line has four marijuana strains available in Colorado and California as well as a hemp seed oil body care line and smoking accessories.

Willie Nelson – Being touted as the anti-Walmart of big factory weed, his new Colorado based company is called Willies Reserve and offers the finest strains for recreational and medical use. According to his website, “WILLIE’S RESERVE™ pays tribute to a tradition of sharing, caring and toking. It’s as if the Red headed Stranger has offered an invitation aboard the Honeysuckle Rose to sample the choicest selections of his stash.”

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