About Colorado Grow Company

About Our Durango Dispensary

Colorado Grow Company is located on the second floor above “The Jerky Experience” and just a few doors South of the Historical “El Rancho Tavern” at 10th and Main in downtown Durango, Colorado.

We are a culmination of the best growers in Colorado and for the last six years have cultivated high quality flowers and relationships with other high quality growers to ensure that what we put on our shelves is only the best of show.


Because we believe in a level of the utmost standards, all our flowers are the same price except for our daily specials; they are all organic and pesticide free and by working with a large network of cultivators we can promise you a constant rotation in strain selection.

We pride ourselves is spending time with each and every customer so that he or she is properly informed on our offerings.  We understand that many customers that come to us are new to cannabis or have not used cannabis for many years.  Rest assured we are here to help and to ensure that you have a positive experience purchasing and using marijuana.

Welcome to Durango and welcome to The Colorado Grow Company.

Who We Are

Colorado voters made history in November of 2012 by approving Amendment 64 to legalize the possession and personal use of cannabis for recreation by adults 21 years of age or older.  We started on the medical marijuana side back in 2011 and were known as “The Acceptus Group”.  Then on January 11, 2015, The Colorado Grow Company was born.  A new location, a new name, and a new beginning, as a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary on Main avenue in Durango.

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