Cannabis and Fitness: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

By March 15, 2017News
Fitness with Cannabis

Cannabis smokers are consistently stereotyped as lazy.  Power Plant Fitness is ready to change that. Welcome to the world’s first cannabis gym. Power Plant Fitness focuses on integrative full body and mind training. The first location is open in San Francisco. Locations will follow in Denver and Los Angeles.

Power Plant Fitness

Founder Jim McAlpine has joined with former NFL football player Ricky Williams to create this cannabis / fitness combination. “We’ll do a cannabis performance assessment for our clients by starting with a baseline workout. In a calculated way, we’ll determine the best protocol,” said McAlpine. The smoking area is separate.

According to McAlpine, there are two specific ways to incorporate cannabis into a fitness regimen. Either post-workout for pain and muscle recovery or he said many use cannabis for focus. “Whether it’s the gym, skiing, jogging or swimming, it allows my mind to laser focus,” he says. (Forbes)

From their Facebook page: What makes Power Plant Fitness unique? Members can consume cannabis in the gym while working out. As the recreational use of marijuana is now legal in some states and on the ballot in others, perceptions are changing quickly. These old stereotypes are being tossed out the window. The world is starting to realize that they have long been misled about the “evils” of marijuana. Marijuana will likely become ingrained into American society like Budweiser, Apple Pie, and baseball.

In addition, Jim has created the 420 Games and CannAthlete.

420 Games

These races and athletic events forge a new outlook on cannabis. All of the events accommodate beginning to advanced level athletes. Several events are planned for different locations summer 2017, including Colorado. Visit their website to see what is happening near you.


Power Plant Fitness also produces a line of “athletic edibles” made for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery.  The products are for those who want to incorporate cannabis into their daily routine.  Like the top level athletes that work with us, CannAthlete products are made with the highest standards. They are tested with high-level athletes to ensure peak absorption and efficacy.

What are your favorite strains for focus during your workout or post workout recovery?

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