Dude, My Dog Ate My Weed!

By July 6, 2016News

Cannabis Poisoning & Pets

Colorado Grow Company in Durango, Colorado shares symptoms and treatment for canine cannabis poisoning.

Dangers Durango MarijuanaThe city of Durango loves its four legged friends! Dogs and cats are definitely a big part of the family around here. Pets are attracted to all the stinky stuff we medicate with. Whether it is your fresh stash or potent edibles; dogs and cats can experience mild to severe toxicity from marijuana. While most cases of cannabis poisoning is the direct result of eating edibles, it is possible for Fido to get sick from second hand smoke.

So what is the buzz on symptoms and treatment if your pet accidentally munches your stash? We asked the experts at Aspen Tree Animal Caring Center to find out. The super friendly and knowledgeable Vet Tech, Kylie, says their practice sees about 1 case of poisoning from edibles about every other week. She says dogs especially are attracted to food products like cookies and brownies that have cannabutter in them. She mentions that they rarely see cats who have accidentally eaten weed, but it can happen. Unintended consumption of edibles can be a double whammy as many sweets contain chocolate which is another known toxin to dogs.

Safe Marijuana PracticesKylie states that symptoms in dogs can vary from stumbling and staggering to decreased heartrate, incontinence and glossy eyes. If a pooch eats enough there will be damage to the kidneys and liver that is only diagnosed through bloodwork. Treatment for pet cannabis overdose includes a lot of supportive care. This includes hydration via IV therapy and making the pet comfortable. With large doses of THC ingested, the Veterinarian’s will induce vomiting to purge the system.

I asked Kylie about therapeutic treatment for pets using medical marijuana for pain or other medical issues. She stated that there is currently not enough research on pets and cannabis for them to use it in their practice.

Durango Dog SafetyBottom line: Love your pets- Keep your stash away from them. Store all of your THC products high and out of reach from our furry friends. If you suspect accidental ingestion or overdose, contact your vet right away. Vets are ready to help and here in Colorado, they are very experienced in this area of treatment.
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