Cannabis Tinctures: 5 Reasons to Try Them Today

By March 24, 2017News
Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tinctures are a favorite medicinal preparation that has ancient roots. Our ancestors created herbal tinctures thousands of years ago. Tinctures were originally created to preserve herbs and their medicinal qualities.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try a cannabis tincture from Colorado Grow Compan today:

Fast acting

All it takes is one drop to a few drops. You can increase absorption time if you take drops sublingually (under the tongue). Tinctures give you a steady high over a period of time.


Tinctures can be made with alcohol or an alcohol-free version that is glycerin based. Both preparations are odorless and do not smell like marijuana. Tinctures can be used anywhere and on the go.

Readily available

Tinctures can be purchased at most dispensaries. At Colorado Grow Company, we have several flavors and strain types to delight your senses. Whether you like Cinnamon that combines CBD and THC or Spearmint THC or Watermelon THC – we got you.

Easy to use

Tinctures are packaged in small, convenient bottles. Take the tincture, by the drop, with an easy to use dropper. The droppers allow you to effectively and evenly while you are on the go.

Dosage control

Dosages are consistent. One drop can range from 3mg THC to 10mg THC depending on the concentration of the formula. Be sure to read the packaging to take the correct dosage.

Colorado Grow Company currently carries Dixie Dew Drops, a tasty and convenient way to take your medicine. We have different flavors and blends. From Ginger Mango THC drops to Vanilla Synergy CBD/THC blend, we have something for everyone!

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