Dabbing in Durango 101

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Dabbing in Durango 101: Your Handy Guide to Marijuana Concentrates

Colorado Grow Company in Durango, Colorado gives you the scoop on Dabbing in Durango

What is a Dab
downtown-durango-dabbingA dab is a small amount of concentrated cannabis extract. Dabs are the pure cannabinoids and THC that have been separated from the vegetative part of the cannabis plant using a solvent by a professional extractor. Dabs come in many flavors and consistencies. In general, concentrates are more potent than smoking weed.

To Dab
“Dabbing” or “taking a dab” are terms used for vaporizing a dab by touching it against a heat source and then of course inhaling this smoke. In order to dab, you need a concentrate utensil. These utensils range from basic nails, water pipes and pokers to high end vapor bubblers, vaporizers and dab rigs. Colorado Grow Company carries a variety of utensils for your dabbing pleasure.

Types of Dabs
The following types of dabs are all ways to describe the various forms of Butane Hash Oil or BHO’s. BHO’s are produced by solvent extraction -maceration, infusion or percolation- of marijuana flowers. After filtering and evaporating the solvent, typically butane or carbon dioxide, a sticky resinous dark liquid with a strong herbal odor remains. From here, different heat and moisture combinations create different products.

Dabbing in Durango Wax CannabisWax includes Crumble and Budder. This family of dabs are opaque and vary in a spectrum of honey colors. Wax texture is slick and sticky. Crumble is gritty and not sticky. Budder is smooth, creamy and silky.

Bubble Hash is …you guessed it, hash. This concentrate gets its name from the bubbles that are created when you fire it up and are ready to enjoy. Bubble hash can come from comes in a variety of colors from yellows and greens to blacks and browns. The solid texture ranges from pasty and creamy to silky. As bubble hash can be made from different strains many unique flavors and effects are inherent.

Shatter gets its name from the sound and texture of this concentrate. It is honey colored, smooth, transparent, solid and glass like. Shatter is the purest and most potent concentrate form as the production of it involves a second extraction process that removes residual fats, lipids and waxes. The end results in over 80 percent THC.

Live Resin is made from fresh, frozen whole cannabis flowers as opposed to your typical dried, cured buds. Other shatter and BHO products are made from flowers that have gone through the normal drying process. Extracting this cannabis oil from fresh plants captures a unique flavor profile and aroma that otherwise would get lost in the dry curing process. Live resin has the honey color of shatter, but the texture is gooey, sticky and granular.

Benefits of Dabbing in Durango
Durango Dabbing BenefitsThere are many benefits of dabbing. Dabbing is easy on the lungs. It is excellent for medical patients who need a concentrated dose of medicine that is efficient and effective. Medical patients can easily consume the amount of potent medicine needed, whereas if they only had the option of smoking flowers it would not be feasible. Dabbing in Durango is quick, easy and as it is concentrated it can be budget conscious. Whether your reason for dabbing is hopping on the trend, trying a new flavor or for a heightened high, visit Colorado Grow Company, located in downtown Durango, Colorado, for all of your concentrate and accessory needs.

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