The Skinny on Edibles in Durango

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Edibles in Durango Colorado

Edibles make up roughly 45 percent of the legal cannabis sold in Colorado; but still when thinking of marijuana infused edibles, marijuana brownies usually spring first into most people’s minds. Quickly followed by fears of potency, reaction time, and more. Colorado Grow Company, here to set the record about misconceptions, changes, and great products that will make edibles more appealing.


Types of Edibles in Durango COBefore marijuana was legalized for medical purposes and as lab testing continues to evolve, it was nearly impossible to determine the potency of a homemade batch of baked goods. Edibles purchased from legal recreation marijuana resellers, like Colorado Grow Company, now we have bottles and jars of cookies, gummies, cakes, hard candies, chocolate bars and more. Each package has exact amounts of the THC content listed and described in milligrams on each pack, ranging from 2.5mg to 10mg per piece. Legalization has made cannabis edibles much safer, but it’s also introducing them to a whole new audience, many of whom have no idea what to expect.


Find Edible Marijuana in DurangoEdibles are a very popular alternative to smoking cannabis. They can be a discreet and easy way to consume cannabis, especially for those that do not like to smoke or want to consume marijuana in places here you cannot smoke. Edibles come in a variety of types and can meet virtually anyone’s taste or wants. From mints to cookies, gummies to lollipops and everything in between you can virtually find an edible to meet your needs. Edibles, like those made by EdiPure and carried by Colorado Grow Company, offer consumers’ precise THC dosing and minimal cannabis taste in their products.


Durango CO Edible Marijuana DispensaryThe effects of consuming edibles verses smoking cannabis vary depending upon the person. Smoking marijuana typically affects users immediately, but also begins to diminish immediately. Marijuana edibles typically take longer to start working; however the effects can last between 4 to 12 hours depending on the dose. At Colorado Grow Company we always recommend you start in low dosages and go slow. New users or people with smaller frames might find 10 milligrams is too potent, and therefore might be better off starting with 5 milligrams. Always remember to read the packaging, as a single chocolate bar can contain as much as 100 milligrams of THC and is meant to consume in multiple sittings.

Gone are the days of consuming edibles in Durango only made by your hippie neighbor; now they are made in sophisticated laboratories across the world with high taste and dosing standards. Hoping to see you soon at Colorado Grow Company in Durango, CO!!!

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