Foria: For Ladies and Those Who Love Ladies

By February 28, 2017News
Pleasure and relief with Foria Products at Colorado Grow Company.

New developments in cannabis technology continue to develop at a fast rate. In addition to new advancements in strains, edibles and topicals; women specific products are on the rise. This is great news for ladies and those who love ladies. For pleasure or pain, come see us for innovative Foria products at Colorado Grow Company.

Foria Pleasure

Foria Pleasure is a first of its kind. All natural sensual enhancement oil thoughtfully designed for women and their partners. A blend of nourishing liquid coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil. Foria is on  GQ‘s list for “Sex Product of the Year”.

Foria Pleasure is inspired by the ancient tradition of using cannabis as a natural aphrodisiac. This practice is validated by the recent groundswell of scientific research into the health benefits of marijuana. Foria Pleasure harnesses the complex powers of marijuana to promote relaxation and increase blood flow. Foria Pleasure  benefits women’s health and well-being by opening the door to natural, euphoric pleasure.

Foria Relief

Foria Relief provides relief when you need it. This product is carefully crafted to maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without a psychotropic (“high”) effect. This plant medicine has a long, cross cultural history of use as a natural aide in easing symptoms associated with menstruation.

Our intention is to share the powerful medicinal properties of this plant while utilizing modern extraction techniques. This standardizes purity and potency and ensures a safe and accessible experience for all women. Each serving contains a specially formulated blend of THC and CBD. Cannabinoids relax muscles and release tension and cramping in the body. The vehicle for the Foria Relief technology is a suppository. Therefore, these antispasmodic and pain relieving properties go directly to the area in need of relief. The plant medicine works with your body to gently, yet profoundly. They shift your unique experience in a holistic and natural way.

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