New Product Alert : CODA SIGNATURE™

By March 10, 2017News

All of us at Colorado Grow Company are excited for this new product line from Coda Signature™!

This Colorado company is raising chocolate to new heights of quality, taste, potency and visual artistry. The company’s mission is clear: to elevate cannabis confection, oil, and flower to an unprecedented level of quality providing an exceptional experience every time. They are receiving many accolades from around the country. Read abut Coda Signature™ in publications like CNN, Cannabis Product News, and The Business Journals.

Coda Signature™ is that distinct presence in the evolution of cannabis.

About their inspiration, as described on their  website:

In music, codas are an essential part of the greater understanding of a song. As we listen to the coda, we hear a culmination of the musical phrases. We believe everyone has a great story about music. Maybe it is a first encounter with The Beatles or Wagner. Possibly it is a lifelong love affair with Billie Holiday or Brahms. Music replays our memories, awakens lost worlds. It allows our minds to travel great distances. Music sings of inspiration and imagination in a timeless language we all can hear.

And don’t we also all have memorable moments with food? Perhaps it is the perfect sweetness of a fresh picked strawberry. Or the anticipation of that first lick of an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Maybe it is the memories brought alive by the smell of bread straight out the oven. Our gift of taste and smell can instantly transport us into the past. It creates new, vital moments to be remembered.

Music is our muse and food is our medium. Coda Signature creates cannabis chocolates full of inspiration and imagination. Each piece of chocolate tells a story through exciting colors and bold flavors. Our chocolates harmonize seamlessly with impeccable craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Coda Signature elevates the experience of cannabis confection the way music and food elevates life.

Colorado Grow Company is proud to feature products by this amazing provider of top shelf edibles. We stock the delicious cannabis infused truffles, hot chocolates and gourmet chocolate bars. Flavors like Coffee and Donuts and Fire and Orange, delight and appeal to the marijuana connoisseur. Remember to take edibles as directed on the package.

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