Second Annual Doobie Rolling Contest -Get Durangalactic!

By January 30, 2017News

Just in time for Intergalactic Snowdown -Durango’s own “cabin fever reliever” is the Second Annual Doobie Rolling Contest. Sponsored by Colorado Grow Company and El Rancho Tavern, there are contests for both speed rolling and creativity. Here are some ideas and tips for rolling a joint that is out of this world.

  1. The Cosmic Braid Doobie– Roll three thin joints with extra-long or king size papers. Use your favorite filter and leave the ends open. Push weed upward during rolling and braid them together (like you would braid hair or rope). Tie the three ends together and attach the mouthpieces together with a colorful piece of tape. Fire it up!
  1. The Seth Rogen Pineapple Express Famed Three Headed Space Hooter – Roll one giant doobie with a filter. Cut an even hole through both sides of the joint with an exact-o knife, sharp pencil, pocket knife or whatever tool you have handy. You want to be able to look through this hole. Roll a second, smaller joint to fit in this hole evenly and cut both sides for air passage. Place this small joint in the larger one. Ensure that the holes of the second joint match the mouth piece so that the smoke can travel from the ends of the joint to your lips. Secure and seal this intersection with sticky tape that you have cut from other rolling papers. Puff, puff, pass!
  1. The Deep Space Diamond Doobie– Roll one big hooter with a filter. Then, cut this joint with sharp scissors evenly in to two joints. Roll two additional joints that are thinner. Do not put filters in these and use less weed towards the middle of each joint so that later you can bend them. Cut ten sticky strips from papers and set them aside to use in a few minutes. First, use the sticky strips to attach the two thinner joints to one of the half joints at a 45-degree angle. Use as many sticky strips as you need to secure the joints. Bend these two thin joints in to a diamond shape. Attach the two ends to the other joint with sticky strips until secure. Blast off!

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