Tea and Cookies Time with Colorado Grow Company

By August 25, 2017News, Strains

Tea and cookies: a time-honored pairing of beverage and dessert. Enter the 2017 tea and cookies: elevated tea and kicked up cookies! Enjoy a power breakfast or a snack break any time of the day with Colorado Grow Company’s THC infused tea and cookies. A wonderful way to start your day or wind down in the evening.

Stillwater Brands offers lightly enriching premium tea leaves with a small, consistent dose of natural marijuana extract. Stillwater offers you the best way to quiet the buzzing anxieties of life, without showing your mind. It’s the calm you need to stay focused, productive, and in control of life’s anxious moments. Stillwater Brands offers three kinds of instantly dissolving tea crystals depending on your mood and need. They won the coveted Best Retail Packaging category at the 2016 Cannabist Awards.

Stillwater is easy to enjoy. It’s healthy, all natural and has zero calories. This organic tea is infused with 2.5mg of fast -acting, water soluble, dissolvable THC and CBD. Stillwater is available in three flavors-Gentle Green, Mellow Mint, and Blissful Black. The tea is packaged in easy to consume “tea sticks”. The tasteful and discreet packaging allows to you drink it on the go.
Whitewater is the tea for when you need an additional kick. Each package contains 10mg of medicine. It is available in the same flavors as Stillwater.

Ripple is unflavored packets of dissolvable THC, cold-water-soluble cannabinoid powder. It is available in two varieties: 10mg THC or CBD/THC 1:1 (5mg CBD, 5mg THC). Use it to infuse ANY liquid (beverage, soup, use your imagination!) with no oil slicks, no calories, and no green taste. Or channel your inner baker and add Ripple to your favorite recipe. If the dosage isn’t enough, use two packets or more to make your perfect edible. Ripple is your product for choice! Check out the recipe page of their website for fun consumption ideas.

Love’s Oven Bakery seasonal creation. This limited edition single serve 10mg Lemon Berry Bar will be your favorite treat! A sweet and creamy white chocolate base complimented with tart lemon and luscious blueberries. It is the perfect size to enjoy all at once or micro dose with several servings during your day! Enjoy this snack at your desk or on your next excursion in the mountains!

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