The Perfect Cup of Coffee

By November 2, 2017News

Many people love the combination of coffee and cannabis. For many years, the wake and bake or “hippy speedball” standard was a mug of hot coffee and a bong hit. Now with the legalization in many states, options for having your cannabis in your cafe abounds! Read on to discover these new Colorado brands for caffeinated THC deliciousness. As well as a bonus Cannabis Bulletproof Recipe you can make at home!

Pot of Coffee These K Cups are a convenient and delicious way to take your medicine. From the website: We always start with the freshest cannabis flower that was passionately grown and harvested. Then we use a solvent-free extraction process that removes and eliminates any unwanted material or negative taste. This creates an ultra-clean concentrate that is infused into our line of products for a smooth and refreshing drink to enjoy anytime. Pot of Coffee not only offers coffee K-Cups but tea and cocoa as well with many different THC and CBD levels.

The Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Company Our artisan blends combine coffee, spices, and THC for the perfect buzz. According to their website: Organic Instant 100% Arabica Cannabis infused Coffee’s & Mocha’s are blended by hand with global herbs and spices, manifesting health and a unique experience. May aid; migraines, insomnia, hormonal issues, body pain, digestion, stress, shingles, poor circulation, depression. Our Caffeinated/Sativa – Active Blends are the perfect match for the “on the go client”.

Canyon Cultivation – The original cannabis coffee that is both roasted and brewed in Colorado. This all-natural, cannabis-infused bottled coffee is roasted locally with the finest quality Guatemalan beans. It is packaged in a sweet little glass bottle that looks like a coffee drink you would pick up at the grocery store. Each bottle contains 10mg of THC and 100mg of caffeine.

Coda Signature Coffee and Doughnuts Bar The Coffee & Doughnuts chocolate bar is one of the most delicious edibles that you can treat yourself to today. The bar is made up of rich milk chocolate with the robust undertones of coffee. The bottom is coated with sprinkles of cinnamon sugar that really ties the idea of “coffee and doughnuts” together.

And let’s not forget the THC. This baby has 100mg divided amongst 10 chocolate squares. That is 10mg per square. Perfect for pacing your consumption especially for a first-time user. The chocolate is silky and rich. We took about 40mg to get us to an appropriate high of our liking. There was quite a mental influence from the chocolate but we noticed more of a body high that took effect about 45 minutes to an hour after ingesting. We give this delight a high recommendation!
*Currently Available at Colorado Grow Company.

Cannabis Bulletproof Recipe
In a blender or using a bowl and whisk combine:
1 Cup of Coffee
1 teaspoon – 1 Tablespoon Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil or Cannabutter
2-3 Tablespoons Favorite Cow’s Milk, Nut Milk or Coconut Milk
Sweeten to taste with your favorite sweet stuff, pour into a Colorado Grow Company mug, and enjoy immediately – Enjoy!

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